If You Could Pick Just One – Switzerland or Norway?

Feb 21st, 2018

I’m currently planning & budgeting my trip across Europe somewhere around end of autumn & start of winter. After researching & coming up with a rough budget, it seems that Switzerland is helluva expensive! It’s a well-known fact that Switzerland IS expensive, but I don’t expect it to be THAT expensive! Thing is, I will be spending only 4 days (yes, packed, I know) in Switzerland (4-day Swiss Pass) but the cost of that 4 days is roughly equivalent to the cost of travelling to 6 countries for 3 weeks!

Am I doing something wrong here? Might’ve messed up the cost for day 3, it seems.

So, if I don’t do Switzerland, than I might as well do Norway, right? I know it’s two different countries with two different atmosphere, attractions, each with their own uniqueness & whatnot; but if you could only pick one, just one – Switzerland or Norway, which country would you choose?

FYI, I’ve never been to either, it will be a first for me. If I have all the money in the world, I wouldn’t be asking this question, now would I?

4 thoughts on “If You Could Pick Just One – Switzerland or Norway?

  1. For day 3, since you have 4-day Swiss Pass, the pass covers until Grindelwald. You only need to buy tickets for Grindelwald to Jungfrau and back and you still entitle for 25% discount if i’m not mistaken.
    Having been to Switzerland before, Norway is definitely my next choice 🙂


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