Don’t Date a Girl Who Likes to Travel

9th September, 2018

Don’t date a girl who likes to travel. The colour of her skin is uneven as a result of being under the hot sun too much. Her hair is dry and dirty because she couldn’t find the time to shampoo. In the morning, she’s rushing to catch the bus/train to her next destination. At night, she’s too tired to take a shower. She falls asleep immediately upon seeing a bed.

Don’t date a girl who likes to travel. The girl you’re looking at now may change in size. One minute she’s big, the other minute she’s thin. She put on weight because she’s blown away by the availability of unique foods in the country she’s in. She wants to eat everything in sight. Don’t blame her increased appetite. She holds dear the saying “When in a new country, eat their local foods”. But sometimes she’ll appear smaller, thinner. She’s forced to cut back on food because she’s running out of money even though she still has a long journey ahead. She only has one meal per day.

Don’t date a girl who likes to travel. She’s weak; helpless when it comes to flight promotions. Every time there’s an ongoing sale, she’ll stay up late staring at the computer screen waiting for the sale to start. All your calls and texts will go unanswered until she gets the flight ticket to the destination she wants.

Don’t date a girl who likes to travel. Every time you meet, she’ll talk about her past travel stories and perhaps her upcoming ones. When it’s your turn to speak and you accidentally touch on the countries she love or places she’s heard, she’ll cut you off and continues her own story. You won’t have the chance to finish off your own story.

Don’t date a girl who likes to travel. She can’t stay still. There’s always a new place or something new she wants to experience and she’ll drag you into it. Her soul is so free and can’t be tamed. She’s hungry for experiences and new adventures. She can’t be bothered by your expensive gifts. No expensive handbag, no branded clothing and no new shoes can take her heart away except your willingness to travel with her.

Don’t date a girl who likes to travel. She’s very calculative when it comes to spending. You can call her a scrooge for all she cares. It doesn’t bother her. She might go to the movies only three times a year. She doesn’t even like to shop. She doesn’t need new clothes or new shoes every month. She’ll happily wear what she already owns. She wears her clothes over and over until you eventually get bored seeing them. She rarely goes to fancy restaurants. She prefers roadside stalls or mamak shops. Her daily food budget does not exceed RM10 a day. She’s so headstrong in saving money for her next trip. Her money is better off spent exploring new countries.

Don’t date a girl who likes to travel. She may not have a steady job or is currently unemployed. Or she’s trying to quit a job she doesn’t like. She’s saving up for her next adventure. She will not work hard for other people’s dreams. Only hers. You can say she’s selfish. But that’s who she is. Travelling has always been a part of her ever since she was little. She doesn’t need all the money in the world. Just enough to survive. There is no need to lecture her on the importance of money for the future. She’ll go through life one day at a time.

Don’t date a girl who likes to travel. Yes, she’s educated, she may even have a degree or is a phD holder. But all those papers cannot bring her happiness. Working in a comfy office and making big bucks are not her main priorities. She’s left that world long ago. Now she’s currently in Australia working as an apple picker. Or in New Zealand working as a sheep herder. Or maybe she’s in London working as a cleaner in a youth hostel. Her income is far from steady, she’s living from hand to mouth. But she’s content, happy.

Don’t date a girl who likes to travel. The both of you may not have a future together. She lives a nomadic lifestyle. One moment she’s here, the next she’s in God knows where. She longs for freedom. Holding her back will only put a strain on your relationship.

Don’t date a girl who likes to travel. Chances are, she’s independent as hell. She doesn’t need you all the time. She doesn’t need you to take care of her. She doesn’t need you to take her to places. She can take care of herself. She can’t be bothered if you refuse to tag along in her travels. She can travel on her own. And when she goes alone, you might not hear from her. She’s not going to contact you unless she wants to. She’s busy socialising with the new friends she met in her hostel or on the streets. New friends with similar interests. She’s more excited talking to them than to you. Because to her, these strangers have more in common with her – people who are far away from home and more understanding of what she’s going through.

Don’t date a girl who likes to travel unless you can accept her for who she is. Don’t you dare try to change her or force her to change herself. Don’t you stop supporting her dreams. Sometimes she needs you to keep her grounded when her head gets too big. And if you’ve fallen for one, don’t you ever put her in a cage. Let her spread her wings and soar freely just like a majestic eagle.

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