Europe’s Little Anecdotes


Boarding the bus from Zagreb to Dubrovnik, there was this old man with long hair & beard, I honestly thought he was a homeless, crazy person. He kept shoving me when I was in a queue to put my luggage in the hold.

On the bus I happened to sit behind him. It was a night bus & in the morning when we reached the border, waiting for our passports to be returned (you have to surrender your passport to the border police), he asked me “Where are you from?“. He spoke perfect English. Here I was initially thinking he was a crazy old man, stunned. He worked in Zagreb & now returning to his home in Dubrovnik. He showed me pictures of his home, his son, his wife & dog (who sadly passed away in September) on his digital camera. He asked me to play chess with him on his tablet & said he’s been playing against the tablet. And he even invited me to his yacht. And when we stopped at the petrol station for a 5 minute break, he went down & came back up with a carton of cigarettes & said it was cheaper here compared to Croatia.

Here we were talking about cigarettes when he suddenly took a golden box from the the top compartment & showed me, whispering “I have canaria in here“. I had no idea what canaria is. He kept repeating “canaria“. I honestly thought he had drugs in the box because we were talking about cigarettes just now & he was whispering. And then he opened the box & showed me the content. Guess what was in there? A yellow CANARY! The poor bird locked in the box & when he opened the box, it flew towards me! No wonder I saw him put a small cage in the luggage hold. That’ll teach me to never judge a book by its cover.


In Paris, I stayed in a female only dorm. Stayed there for 2 nights. The first night was fine. The second night, guess who stayed in my dorm? A ladyboy from Thailand. He came into the room with a huge luggage, wearing high heels & heavy make up. Yeah trying so hard to look like a female but failed miserably. His voice was still all male & at night he snored like one! My God he snored so loud! He was talking to another girl in the room & kept saying “Paris so boring”, “I no like Paris”. And the girl asked him “Why did you come?” And the tranny said “My friend say Eiffel is beautiful with the ligh. Brue, red & whi. But I go, no ligh. I ask people they say only in January have ligh. Now no ligh.

Oh how I wish I could punch him in the balls! How dare he said Paris is boring!

And in the morning his alarm was blaring but he did not wake up nor turn it off. His alarm kept blaring for 30 minutes waking everyone up but him. And he was so noisy when packing his stuff. He even banged the door on my bed (my bed was next to the toilet & if you open it too wide, it’ll hit the bed). And when he left, he kept banging his huge luggage on the floor & did not even close the door.


When you stay in hostels, you’ll meet people from  many countries. I stayed in a hostel in Rome with 2 Russians, 1 Kazakh & 1 South Korean. The Russians & the Kazakh were the worst roommates I’ve ever had. So freaking noisy, basically the most inconsiderate bastards ever! They drank until they were drunk, ate smelly cheese & meat & kept talking until 3 in the morning & kept the light on the whole night through. I barely slept. I thought they’d be gone by the morning but no. They stayed for 1 more night. Again, another sleepless night for me. The third night they checked out. Thank God! The South Korean came into the room and asked “Russia checked out?” I said yes. We basically high-fived each other! He was glad as well because he too couldn’t sleep. One funny story with the South Korean. In the morning he took a shower & kept screaming while showering. The rest of us was like WTH? Later that day we got to talking when he saw me with my hair wrapped in a towel (I just showered) and asked with a confused look “You have hot water?” I said yes. He said “How? This morning I shower no hot water! So cold!” I said there is hot water you have to turn to the right. Left side is cold water. He had a cute WTF, disbelief look on his face. He said “Aish! In Korea, hot water is on left. Cold water is right. Aish!” I laughed at him & thought why didn’t he try to turn the handle the other side??


I met a nice man at the hostel in Athens – a New Zealander. He’s in his 40s & travelling alone. An overall nice guy & he’s really funny when he’s drunk. He was singing at the balcony in the middle of the night after getting drunk. We got to talking & eventually made plans together to visit one of the islands near Athens. The weather was 9°C that day, freezing cold with wind blowing but guess what he did when we reached the island? He went swimming! Yup, that’s Kevin alright. Kevin the crazy guy who went swimming in freezing weather in cold waters!


On my last day in Istanbul, I went to the Spice Bazaar to do some shopping. Went in to one of the shops & was greeted by a lovely Turkish man. He kept offering me free stuff – apple tea, Turkish tea, Turkish delight, saffron, perfume, lotion. He even gave me massive discounts on some of the things I bought. He was really friendly & he was flirting with me. He asked me out that night saying he wanted to show me around since it’s my last day in Turkey. I of course said no because I know how Turkey is. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I agreed to go out with him & we exchanged numbers. I went back to my hostel & waited for him to finish work to come get me.

He texted me on the way over. At first it was fine, quite normal conversation. But I sensed something was wrong he said he “will find a place with a room number” when I told him I’m staying in a hostel, not a hotel. Kept saying he wanted to show me a good time & he knows how to treat a lady. Of course I knew he meant sex. And he was quite straightforward about it. I immediately told him I didn’t want to meet with him anymore. The reason I agreed at first was because I thought we were just going sightseeing & dinner. And now that he has a “not so hidden” agenda, I refused. So I asked “Are you a Muslim?” & he proudly said yes. I was like “Wow. Just wow.” Safe to say I’ve blocked his number after that.

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